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A cassette for sterilization and storage of instruments, incorporating improved instrument-locating and retaining means and improved hinge and latch mechanisms. The cassette is fabricated of metallic materials having superior heat resistance, and is designed to be stored in stacked relationship with ...

Gregor Mittersinker, Richard D Amico, Mitchell Seamans, Donald Santos, Ralph Graves: Variable contour grip. A T X International, Notaro & Michalos P C, November 14, 2000: US06146038 (25 worldwide citation)

A hand instrument with variable grip arrangement has an instrument body of the type to be held between the fingers of the hand for use, the body having an active end and an opposite end. A resilient material forms a grip around the body near the active end. Radial expansion beams are under the grip ...

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A plastic container and a three-piece closure system therefor are disclosed. The container has a threaded neck defining a dispensing outlet. A separate closure covers the dispensing outlet and is heat-sealed to the threaded neck, forming a frangible section which may be broken to remove the closure. ...