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A method for determining the presence of a ligand in a liquid medium which utilizes enzyme labeled avidin and biotin labeled reagent in a specific binding process wherein the ligand to be detected is contacted with an insoluble phase containing specific binding substance for the ligand. Various prot ...

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An apparatus for transferring beads employed in a radioimmunoassay is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a receptacle tray 30, test tube rack 48 and plurality of test tubes 42. The receptacle tray 30 contains an array of wells 32, which may be marked individually with indicia such as numerals and co ...

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Device for delivering precise measured quantities of a plurality of reagents with each reagent being incorporated in a device and each being water soluble. The device has a water impervious support secured to one or more faces of which are discrete and separate elements each containing water soluble ...

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Automated chemical analytical method and device in which a precise measured quantity of reagent is combined with an assay medium. Prior to such delivery, the reagent, being water-soluble or dispersible, is contained within carrier solid organic binder which is fixed within and constitutes part of th ...

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A method of determining a ligand of interest in a ligand is described. The method, which makes it possible to detect and quantify a ligand in a liquid, makes use of a biotin-avidin system which can be used to carry out immunoassays in both heterogeneous and homogeneous format. The basic components u ...

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Addition of a low concentration of an alkali metal metabisulfite completely stops color development in a peroxidase-labeled immunoassay wherein the peroxidase catalyzed reaction comprises oxidation of an achromatic substrate to the corresponding chromatic product in the presence of a peroxide.