Richard B Varone: Cable failure detection system. Leonard Belkin, August 27, 1985: US04538107 (7 worldwide citation)

A cable failure detection system is provided that detects changes in the magnetic field of a cable that has been magnetized said changes in the magnetic field coming about due to a flaw in said cable. Said changes are sensed by a gauss meter which generates a signal, said signal being converted into ...

Richard B Varone, Erik W Svensson Sr: Communications connector support bracket. August 20, 1985: US04536047 (2 worldwide citation)

A communications connector support bracket is provided and consists of two vertical support posts each post having a slotted or elongated aperture at top and a clip on bottom whereby each clip may be fastened to a terminal block, a horizontal cross bar having a threaded or non-threaded aperture at e ...

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