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A process for the preparation of aromatic beta-diketones by the reaction of an acetophenone and a molar excess of an alphatic ester or an ester of benzoic acid in the presence of sodium alkoxide condensation agent in an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. Also disclosed is a method of recycling the solven ...

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A microprocessor synchronously executes instructions, the instructions including integer instructions for performing integer operations and floating point instructions for performing real number operations. An instruction pipeline has a plurality of successive stages for synchronously executing each ...

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Described are carbon-containing functional groups substituted 4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-polyalkylated-4-indanes, isomers thereof, process for processes for preparing same, and uses thereof. The 4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-polyalkylated-4-indanes have the generic structure:

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A call parking and paging system includes a call parking entity and a paging entity. The call parking entity receives a call and automatically parks the call, in some operations against a designated resource. The paging entity provides a page based upon an intended recipient of the call. Upon receiv ...


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A scrubber pad for a rotating epithelial removal tool is made of a single piece of substantially rigid plastic which has formed thereon a scrubbing surface equipped with a radial channel or channels to retain cell debris and lubricating fluid. An eccentrically located fluid supply conduit can provid ...

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The disclosed invention relates to a portable decontamination unit. The invention also relates to a decontamination process. The decontamination unit may be ruggedized for use in hostile environments such as those that may be anticipated for military applications.

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