Richard A Elder, Randy Johnson, Dean L Frew, Arthur M Wilson: Non-destructive burn-in test socket for integrated circuit die. Texas Instruments Incorporated, B Peter Barndt, Richard L Donaldson, June 23, 1992: US05123850 (193 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a burn-in test socket which serves as a temporary package for integrated circuit die, multichip hybrid or a complete wafer without damaging the bonding pads or insulating passivation on the die during test and burn-in.

Richard A Elder, Arthur M Wilson, Susan V Bagen, Juanita G Miller: Method for fabrication of probe card for testing of semiconductor devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Gary C Honeycutt, Richard L Donaldson, William E Hiller, July 6, 1993: US05225037 (191 worldwide citation)

A flexible polyimide film is used to support an array of precisely located contact bumps which are used to probe die on a wafer of semiconductor circuits, or an unmounted integrated circuit die, several integrated circuits, or hybrid devices. By utilizing a standard I/O contact pattern for the flexi ...

Richard A Elder, Norman C Locati, R Wayne Fields: Single article newspaper dispensing apparatus. Univend, Robert L Harrington, April 27, 1993: US05205437 (3 worldwide citation)

A single article dispensing apparatus adapted for newspaper vending captures a bundle of newspapers between opposing support plates with one movable plate being spring biased toward the stationary plate. Newspaper engaging pins extend beyond the stationary support plate and into the space between th ...