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A process sequence that produces a plurality of pretransistor structures from which a variety of high voltage, isolated integrated circuits and low voltage integrated circuits are easily fabricated.

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A trenched device, such as a DMOS transistor, provides for higher breakdown voltages than possible using trenched devices of the prior art. The trench extends only into the epitaxial layer, thereby minimizing breakdown problems associated with prior art trench devices in which the trench extends int ...

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Disclosed is a process for making a DMOS, including lining a groove with a dielectric material to form an inner groove having sidewalls extending through the bottom of the first groove, and lining the inner groove with a dielectric material to obtain increased thickness of the gate dielectric on the ...

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Device means for reducing latch-back breakdown thus raising the reverse-biased power capability of a DMOS transistor or the like. A DMOS transistor is an MOS field effect transistor comprising a lightly-doped (usually diffused) body region formed in a drain region; a heavily-doped source region is l ...

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A DMOS power transistor has a vertical gate and a planar top surface. A vertical gate fills a rectangular groove lined with a dielectric material which extends downward so that source and body regions lie on each side of the dielectric groove. Carriers flow vertically between source and body regions ...

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This disclosure relates to an improved DMOS semiconductor type device which can function both as a DMOS (unipolar) type device and as a bipolar transistor device. The DMOS device has two separated source regions of, for example, N+ conductivity and each of these source regions is surrounded by a P- ...

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In an integrated circuit, a wraparound isolation region capable of sustaining a high blocking voltage to a substrate encloses a variety of high voltage or low voltage device.

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An exemplary printable composition of a liquid or gel suspension of diodes comprises a plurality of diodes, a first solvent and/or a viscosity modifier. An exemplary apparatus comprises: a plurality of diodes; at least a trace amount of a first solvent; and a polymeric or resin film at least partial ...

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A transistor constructed in accordance with our invention includes an N+ substrate, an N- region formed on the N+ substrate, a P- body region formed on the N- region, and an N+ source region formed on the P- body region. A vertical groove extends through the N+, P- and N- regions, and an insulating ...

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A low-voltage high-current discrete insulated-gate field-effect transistor which is made by a very economical process with two silicon etches. A buried poly gate gates conduction along a trench sidewall. The channel is provided by the residuum of an epi layer, and the source diffusion is provided by ...