Hu Shuwen, Ren Xueqin, Zhang Fusuo: Rhizosphere regulate and control fertilizer. China Agricultural University, guanchang renfeng hua, September 24, 2008: CN200810106259

The present invention discloses a rhizosphere regulating fertilizer, which mainly consists of the components of the following weight portions: 100 to 500 portions of nitrogen fertilizer, 30 to 300 portions of phosphatic fertilizer, 50 to 400 portions of potassium fertilizer, 50 to 200 portions of fe ...

Hu Shuwen, Zhou Weili, Ren Xueqin, Zhang Fusuo: Water-conserving fertilizer and method for preparing same. China Agricultural University, liguang song, January 30, 2008: CN200710117740

The invention discloses a water-conservation fertilizer pertaining to agricultural fertilizer preparation technical field and containing various cations with a plurality of nutrition functions. The preparation method of the water-conservation fertilizer is that: acrylic acid monomers are partially n ...

Zhou Fusheng, Gong Yanbo, Zhang Zhonglin, Yang Xinzheng, Ren Xueqin, Wang Dechao: Portable lottery terminal. General Lottery Technology, guowei gang, August 8, 2007: CN200710073019

The invention involves a portable lottery terminal, including the monitor, keyboard, printer batteries, power adapter, rechargeable lithium battery shell and the control panel. The control panel includes embedded GPRS / CDMA / cable modem the motherboard connected with printer core, adapter, recharg ...

Hu Shuwen, Tao Shuming, Ren Xueqin, Zhang Fusuo, Jiang Rongfeng: Water polymer integument and method for preparing integument controlled-release fertilizer thereof. China Agricultural University, liguang song, May 21, 2008: CN200710178608

The invention discloses a water-based polymer coated film and a preparation method of a film-coated controlled release fertilizer thereof, which belongs to the agricultural controlled release fertilizer preparation technical field and relates to using a novel water-emulsion type polymer. The polymer ...

Zhou Fusheng, Gong Yanbo, Zhang Zhonglin, Yang Xinzheng, Ren Xueqin, Wang Dechao: Lottery ticket terminal. Suicai Sci &Amp Tech Dev, Shenzhen City, guowei gang, April 18, 2007: CN200610063326

The invention relates to a lottery terminal machine. It includes liquid crystal screen, keyboard, printer, and control board. The control board includes ARM main board set FLASH, interface board set flush type serial port MODEM, liquid crystal keyboard board, and printer control board. The interface ...