Reichinger Gerhard: Wiring harness particulary for vehicles.. Leonische Drahtwerke, March 27, 1991: EP0418882-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

In a wiring harness, intended in particular for installation in motor vehicle bodies and having a multiplicity of lines (2-8) which are surrounded in a main area (1) by a shaping element (9) made of plastic, the shaping element (9) surrounding the lines (2-8) is constructed as a channel, trough or o ...

Reichinger Gerhard, Koettgen Hans: Wire harness or wire channel, particularly for a motor vehicle.. Leonische Drahtwerke, April 7, 1993: EP0535712-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

A cable harness (13) or guide channel (1), suitable in particular for motor vehicles, contains supply lines (11) in a bundled form. In the bundle area of the line bundle (19), a detour section (25) is arranged. The cable harness (13) is provided with a fixing element (16) which maintains the effecti ...

Reichinger Gerhard: Electric control apparatus, especially for installation in a vehicle.. Leonische Drahtwerke, April 26, 1995: EP0650315-A2 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an electrical controller 1, in particular for installation in motor vehicles. Said controller 1 contains a printed circuit board 4 having electronic components. The printed circuit board is covered, at least on its component side 5, by a total of at least three layers made o ...

Reichinger Gerhard: Wire harness, particularly for vehicles.. Leonische Drahtwerke, November 2, 1988: EP0288752-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A cable harness, intended in particular for laying cables in motor vehicle bodies, has a number of wires, which may be of differing lengths, in its trunk area 1. From this trunk area 1 the wires with their wire connections 2 - 8 are led off like branches. The trunk area 1 is at least partially fixed ...

Reichinger Gerhard, Kodl Georg: (De) Drucksensor mit einem lichtwellenleiter und verfahren zur druckerfassung, (En) Pressure sensor comprising an optical waveguide, and method for detecting pressure. Leoni Bordnetz Systeme & Co Kg, Reichinger Gerhard, Kodl Georg, TERGAU Mögeldorfer Hauptstrasse 51 90482 Nürnberg, August 21, 2003: WO/2003/069294 (5 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a pressure sensor comprising an optical waveguide (8) having an optical fibre (2) with a refractive index n1, located in a fibre guide (6) with a refractive index n3, forming an intermediate region (10). A medium with a refractive index n2 is located in the intermediate ...

Reichinger Gerhard: Wire harness for incorporation into a vehicle body. Leonische Drahtwerke, May 1, 1996: EP0709252-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The cable loom is split into the different functions represented by different shaped plugs (3a,3b,3c). The cable sections are sheathed in a plastic sleeving which is moulded to the cable looms in one operation and which holds the cable loom sections in the correct alignment for fitting to the vehicl ...

Reichinger Gerhard: Antenna especially for vehicles.. Leonische Drahtwerke, October 27, 1993: EP0566970-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

An antenna, especially for motor vehicles, having at least one electrical conductor and a support for the conductor, the support being an electrically non-conductive sealing part of the vehicle.

Reichinger Gerhard: Process for manufacturing a cable harness.. Leonische Drahtwerke, October 27, 1993: EP0566969-A2 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing a cable harness, the leads (10) on the one hand being provided in preparatory method steps with contact elements (12) (= initial contact making) and on the other hand being arranged in their final required position with respect to one another (= initial cable harness prepa ...

Zahradnik Franz, Hartmann Uli, Goetz Knuth, Reichinger Gerhard: Method for producing a moulded vehicle component comprising an integrated conductor strip and moulded vehicle component. Leoni, November 26, 2003: EP1363811-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for producing a moulded component (2A-2G) comprising an integrated conductor strip (10), wherein a conductor strip (10) is produced on a carrier component (4) particularly by flame injection or cold gas injection. The surface of the carrier component (4) is treated ...

Goetz Knuth, Reichinger Gerhard, Zahradnik Franz: Method for producing a moulded component comprising an integrated conductor strip and moulded component. Leoni, March 23, 2005: EP1517597-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

An area of the substrate (4) corresponding with the conductor track, is selectively treated to modify its adhesion. A nucleation layer (26) is coated onto this area. The conductor (10) is then applied over it. - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for the component so produced.