Reginald Willcocks Jr: Shelf expander for supermarkets. Michael Ebert, May 9, 1989: US04828121 (22 worldwide citation)

A flat blank formed of transparent, synthetic plastic material which when erected creates an open bin that is readily secured to the front edge of a supermarket shelf to enlarge its capacity to store and display additional merchandise. The blank is constituted by a rectangular base panel whose oppos ...

Reginald Willcocks, Marvin Zaro: Display rack and color selection assembly. Michael Ebert, August 5, 1986: US04604061 (16 worldwide citation)

A display rack and color selector assembly adapted to present to a homeowner a group of sample boards carrying actual roof shingles in a variety of colors and to afford a visual picture of a typical home whose architectural style is similar to that of the homeowner, the roof of the pictured home bei ...

Reginald Willcocks: Dual-function golf bag. Michael Ebert, January 10, 1989: US04796789 (15 worldwide citation)

A golf bag adapted to function as a shoulder carrier for a set of golf clubs or as a locked travel case therefor suitable for air transport. The bag, which is molded of rigid plastic material, has a generally cylindrical form closed at either end, the bag being composed of a semi-cylindrical chest s ...