Michael Sebald, Recai Sezi, Rainer Leuschner, Siegfried Birkle, Hellmut Ahne: Method for dimensionally accurate structure transfer in bilayer technique wherein a treating step with a bulging agent is employed after development. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Hill Steadman & Simpson, August 10, 1993: US05234793 (74 worldwide citation)

A photolithographic method for structure generation in bilayer processes is provided. Pursuant to the method, a dimensional reserve is produced in a top resist structure by chemical treatment with a bulging agent. The expansion preferably is performed by treatment with an aqueous solution. The expan ...

Recai Sezi, Michael Sebald, Rainer Leuschner, Siegfried Birkle, Hellmut Ahne: Etch-resistant deep ultraviolet resist process having an aromatic treating step after development. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson, December 22, 1992: US05173393 (62 worldwide citation)

A photoresist system that is easily structurable and, in particular, is suitable for the deep ultraviolet range is provided. An increased etching resistance to a halogen-containing plasma is produced in a lithographically generated photoresist structure by treatment with a reactant. The reactant com ...


Thorsten Meyer, Rainer Leuschner, Gerald Ofner, Reinhard Hess, Recai Sezi: Packaged semiconductor device with encapsulant embedding semiconductor chip that includes contact pads. Infineon Technologies, Slater & Matsil L, May 22, 2012: US08183696 (25 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor package includes a semiconductor chip, an encapsulant embedding the semiconductor chip, first contact pads on a first main face of the semiconductor package and second contact pads on a second main face of the semiconductor package opposite to the first main face. The diameter d in m ...

Recai Sezi, Thorsten Meyer: Semiconductor package and multichip arrangement having a polymer layer and an encapsulant. Infineon Technologies, Slater & Matsil L, September 4, 2012: US08258633 (20 worldwide citation)

A polymer layer is generated on a wafer. The wafer is then separated into semiconductor chips. At least two semiconductor chips are placed on a carrier with the polymer layer facing the carrier. The at least two semiconductor chips are covered with an encapsulating material to form an encapsulant. T ...

Michael Sebald, Rainer Leuschner, Recai Sezi, Siegfried Birkle, Hellmut Ahne: Photostructuring method. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Hill Steadman & Simpson, August 10, 1993: US05234794 (17 worldwide citation)

A simple method for diminishing the trench width in a photoresist structure to below the resolution limit is provided. A photoresist structure is produced and treated with an agent then contains a bulging constituent that reacts with functional groups of the photoresist structure. The bulging consti ...

Markus Brunnbauer, Jens Pohl, Klaus Pressel, Thorsten Meyer, Recai Sezi, Stephan Bradl, Ralf Plieninger: Workpiece with semiconductor chips and molding, semiconductor device and method for producing a workpiece with semiconductors chips. Infineon Technologies, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, March 30, 2010: US07687895 (14 worldwide citation)

A workpiece has at least two semiconductor chips, each semiconductor chip having a first main surface, which is at least partially exposed, and a second main surface. The workpiece also includes an electrically conducting layer, arranged on the at least two semiconductor chips, the electrically cond ...

Rainer Leuschner, Hellmut Ahne, Siegfried Birkle, Albert Hammerschmidt, Recai Sezi, Tobias Noll, Ann Dumoulin: Connection and build-up technique for multichip modules. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 17, 1996: US05556812 (13 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing multichip modules having layer sequences made of dielectric material with conducting tracks embedded therein is characterized by the following features: (1) a temperature-resistant, base-resistant polymer having a dielectric constant .ltoreq.3 is used as a dielectric mater ...


Recai Sezi, Hellmut Ahne, Eva Rissel, Kurt Geibel: Preparation of poly-o-hydroxyamides and poly o-mercaptoamides. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Kenyon & Kenyon, October 26, 1999: US05973202 (9 worldwide citation)

In a process for the preparation of poly-o-hydroxyamides and poly-o-mercaptoamides, a bis-o-aminophenol or a bis-o-aminothiophenol is reacted with a dicarboxylic acid derivative of the following structure: ##STR1## with D=O, S, or NH and where R* is the parent body of the dicarboxylic acid and at le ...

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