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A package (10) which is used to prepackage, store, ship and heat food products (11) is suitable for use in a microwave oven. The assembly includes a carton (12), a pair of microwave interactive layers (98) for converting microwave energy to heat and a paperboard spring formed from a blank (84) which ...

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A container including a paperboard carton (4) for heating and crisping two sides of food pieces having non-uniform dimensions in a microwave oven including initial and final vertically spaced food supporting panels (14,30) separated by a vertical distance exceeding the average vertical height of the ...

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A food package assembly is disclosed for use in heating food in a microwave oven having a support surface wherein the assembly includes a packaging such as a paperboard carton having a detachable panel arranged to (1) form an opening for removal of the food contained in the carton and (2) to leave s ...

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Unitary double cavity cartons, for example, of the type commonly referred to as clam shell cartons, are provided in which lines of weakness, adjacent the center hinge and positioned to form a hinge ridge or channel upon closing, permit the carton to open freely without buckling or tearing.

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A carton structure erectable by folding from a substantially flat blank includes two side panels, a bottom panel, two top panels, a center divider panel and two end panels, each extending from the bottom panel. Each end panel has slot means for engaging the center divider panel when the carton is er ...

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A collapsible, carrier carton comprises a split cover, overlay closure with self-erecting handles and a side panel/web flange lock. This web lock permits secure locking of the split cover closure into a flattened and closed configuration and secures the removable upper tray(s) in a locked position. ...

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A wristwatch display carton is disclosed which includes a face panel, having a cut-out therein to receive the wristwatch, which is positioned at an inclined angle tilting into the interior of the carton so that wristwatch is partially sheltered by the top and sides of the carton. A pair of infolding ...

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A foldable, resilient plate lid of paperboard or the like, having a central panel surrounded by four side panels glued together at overlapping end flap portions to form a continuous skirt which, when open, flares obliquely downwardly from the central panel to encompass the rim of a disposable plate. ...

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A paperboard carton is disclosed which is constructed from a paperboard blank including a first panel having side walls connected thereto by scored fold lines formed between a respective side wall and a respective edge of the first panel. A second panel is provided having side walls connected theret ...

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An improved bacon package is disclosed. The stiffening packaging element, commonly known as a bacon board, has full width top and bottom panels which support the bacon from the bottom and cover it over the entire top. Cover flaps on the ends of the top panel are defined by lines of weak bending resi ...