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Compression refrigeration equipment using tetrafluoroethane as a working fluid employs polyoxyalkylene glycols which are at least difunctional with respect to hydroxyl groups and a molecular weight between 300 and 2000. The mixtures of the glycols with the refrigerant will be miscible in the range f ...

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In a CCD imager, a charge is accumulated in pixels of an image area representative of the intensity of incident radiation and is subsequently transferred to a store section and then on a row by row basis to an output register by applying suitable drive pulses to drive electrodes. Signal charge in th ...

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A conventional plywood patching machine is modified to permit accurately controlled application of adhesive directly to the interface between patch and ply. Nozzle applicators are built into the hold-down ring of a patching machine in a manner that requires minimum modification of other parts of the ...

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Process for making paper having improved strength characteristics by adding to the pulp water-soluble and/or water-dispersible cationic polymer and oxidized galactose type of alcohol configuration containing polymer.