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Visual methods and systems are described for detecting alertness and vigilance of persons under conditions of fatigue, lack of sleep, and exposure to mind altering substances such as alcohol and drugs. In particular, the intention can have particular applications for truck drivers, bus drivers, trai ...

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An interface system that conveys data at approximately 500 MBitsps between modules. The interface system performs multistream serialization at the transmitter and multistream de-serialization at the Receiver. As a consequence, fewer interface connections are required between the modules.

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A computerized method enables an audience to synchronously interact with a broadcast program in realtime. A broadcast clock of a broadcast system is synchronized to a standard time. A server clock of a server computer is synchronized to the standard time using a network timing protocol. A client com ...

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An apparatus for providing a number of ports with burst access to a DRAM array includes a memory array, a controller for controlling the memory array, a write device for writing to the memory array, a read device for reading from the memory array, a FIFO output buffer for temporarily storing data re ...

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Methods for obtaining a protein by culture of hybridoma cells, wherein said protein is an immunoglobulin, are disclosed. The methods involve culturing animal hybridoma cells in continuous presence of an alkanoic acid or salt thereof, which enhances protein production, wherein said alkanoic acid or s ...

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An apparatus and method for tracing events occurring upon entries to or exits from a dynamic link library (DLL) without accessing or modifying the source code of the DLL is disclosed. The method includes generating a shadow dynamic link library which intercepts calls from a calling application progr ...

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When a source program containing annotations is processed by a user-selected tool, the annotations in the source program are detected by a lexer and passed to an annotation processor corresponding to the selected tool. The system contains a number of annotation processors and a number of program pro ...

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An apparatus and method for demand loading a dynamic link library (DLL) is disclosed. The method includes generating a demand load library for demand loading the DLL and replacing the reference library of the DLL with the demand load library.

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A transceiver (34) includes a rate adaptation buffer (74) that synchronizes a data stream received at a 4.0 kHz rate to a data stream that is transmitted at a 4.05 kHz rate. A transmit section (62) of the transceiver (34) performs rate adaptation using a single rate adaptation buffer. The transmit s ...

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A delay circuit arrangement includes a delay cell and controller. The delay cell includes a differential pair of N-Channel devices and P-Channel devices coupling the differential pair to positive voltage rail. The controller provides conductivity adjustment in the P-Channel devices. Adjustment of th ...