Raymond G Tronzo: Fenestrated hip screw and method of augmented fixation. Eugene Chovanes, March 31, 1987: US04653489 (375 worldwide citation)

A fenestrated hollow hip screw adapted for introduction therethrough of bone cement into a bone region affected by osteoporosis for increase of overall fixation of hip fractures, such as comminuted intertrochanteric types, and similar types of femoral fractures, even in the opposite distal end of th ...

Raymond G Tronzo: Variable length fixation device. Eugene Chovanes, July 10, 1990: US04940467 (232 worldwide citation)

A variable length fixation device for insertion into a hole formed in two or more bone fragments has a barrel portion and a fastener element. The barrel portion is secured to an inside surface of the hole in a proximal one of the bone fragments. The fastener element is telescopically mounted to the ...

Raymond G Tronzo: Acetabular cup prosthesis. Eugene Chovanes, May 10, 1988: US04743262 (61 worldwide citation)

Fins on a hip prosthesis implant for anchoring the implant in good bone. The fins may be integral with, or separately attachable to, the implant. The fins extend radially outwardly beyond the perimeter of the implant from the front face longitudinally rearward.

Raymond G Tronzo: Adjustable acetabular cup prosthesis as part of a total cup replacement system. Eugene Chovanes, July 21, 1987: US04681589 (54 worldwide citation)

A total hip joint prosthesis including an acetabular cup implant of a construction permitting an initial adjustable disposition for optimum articulation with a prosthetic femoral ball mounted on a femoral prosthesis within a usual cup implant, the implant is of a trapezoidal or truncated cone shape, ...

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A compression hip screw plate for a hip screw system used to compress a proximal femur having a shaft with a lateral aspect and a neck extending from the shaft at an anteverted angle, both of which follow the anatomical contours of the proximal femur. The compression hip screw plate may include a si ...