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An aromatic polycarbonate is terminated by an ionic sulfonated aromatic moiety bonded to the polycarbonate by a carbonate or ester linkage. The aromatic polycarbonate can be terminated by reacting a sulfonated aromatic compound such as a sulfonated phenol, sulfonated benzoic acid, phenyl ester of a ...

Susan J Babinec, Ashish Sen, Ray E Drumright: Electronically-conductive polymers. The Dow Chemical Company, March 20, 2001: US06203727 (14 worldwide citation)

A doped intrinsically-conductive polymer having a conductivity of at least about 10

Robert H Terbrueggen, Ray E Drumright, Thoi H Ho: Process for preparing thermoplastic vulcanizates. The Dow Chemical Company, August 21, 2001: US06277916 (13 worldwide citation)

This invention includes a process for forming a thermoplastic vulcanizate comprising: (a) admixing a C—H insertion curing agent with at least one elastomeric phase polymer to form a first admixture; (b) admixing at least one non-elastomeric polyolefin with the first admixture to form a second admixt ...

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The invention includes a process of preparing a coupled polymer comprising heating an admixture containing (1) at least one interpolymer of an alpha olefin and vinyl aromatic monomer and (2) a coupling amount of at least one poly(sulfonyl azide) to at least the decomposition temperature of the poly( ...

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A thermally stable brominated butadiene copolymer, such as brominated styrene/butadiene block copolymer, brominated random styrene/butadiene copolymer or brominated styrene/butadiene graft copolymer, preparation of the brominated butadiene copolymers, use of the brominated butadiene copolymers as a ...

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A process of polymerizing a monomer capable of undergoing free radical polymerization, comprising contacting the monomer with a diradical initiator at a temperature sufficient to initiate free radical polymerization, wherein said diradical initiator contains sites of C--C unsaturation which cyclize ...

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The present invention relates to achiral polyurea oligomers, their uses and formulations as anti-HIV pharmaceuticals and to a process for the preparation of narrow mono- and polydispersed oligomers as an emodiment of the invention. The achiral oligomers are derived from repeating units of the monome ...

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A sulfonated dicarboxylic acid and a diaromatic carbonate are reacted by a solution process to form a sulfonated aromatic diester such as dipbenyl sodium 5-sulfoisophthalate. The sulfonated aromatic diester is reacted with an aromatic polymer precursor mixture such as bisphenol A and diphenyl carbon ...

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Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards coating compositions comprising from 50 to 85 percent of an aqueous dispersion based on a total weight of the coating composition, an abrasion reducing composition, a solvent, a basic water composition, and a crosslinker.

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The instant invention provides a high-solid, solvent-free alkyd dispersion, and a continuous process for producing the same. The aqueous alkyd dispersion, according to the present invention comprises (a) from 40 to 70 percent by weight of one or more alkyds based on the total weight of the dispersio ...