Ray A Dow: Bag holding device and process. John H Widdowson, July 13, 1982: US04338979 (79 worldwide citation)

A process for holding a bag and a bag holding device. The device includes a box-like structure having a pair of side walls joined to a pair of end walls along corner score lines. The structure has a corner structure defining a notch in at least two of the corner score lines. Elastic band encircles t ...

Ray A Dow: Bag filling device. John H Widdowson, December 19, 1978: US04130261 (3 worldwide citation)

A bag filling device for receiving a plastic bag or the like therein and holding the bag in an open position for filling the bag with various types of articles such as lawn cuttings, leaves, trash etc. . . The bag filling device provides a convenient way of holding various sizes of plastic bags in a ...