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A tool and process for electroetching metal films or layers on a substrate employs a linear electrode and a linear jet of electrolyte squirted from the electrode. The electrode is slowly scanned over the film by a drive mechanism. The current is preferably intermittent. In one embodiment a single wa ...

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A primary lithium battery particularly adapted for use in self-contained self-powered devices (SSPD) for mobile communication and computing products, such as radio frequency identification tags, PCMCIA cards, and smart cards. The battery has a flexible and compact design, and utilizes a solid polyme ...

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An oscillator circuit includes an electrical load, a first metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) devise, a second MOS device, and a negative feedback circuit. The electrical load is coupled between a first node and a second node. The first MOS device is coupled between the first node and a third node, and ...

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An integrated device package includes a die and a package substrate. The package substrate includes at least one dielectric layer (e.g., core layer, prepeg layer), a magnetic core in the dielectric layer, a first plurality of interconnects configured to operate as a first protective ring, and a seco ...

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Embodiments of a sensor device and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a sensor device comprises a piezoelectric micromechanical ultrasonic transducer (PMUT) array configured to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, where the PMUT array comprises a plurality of PM ...

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A delay cell, a method for generating a delay, and a differential ring oscillator are disclosed. The delay cell provides a stable delay with a low voltage power supply, and has a high power supply rejection ratio. The delay cell generally comprises a first and second input receiver on a first and se ...