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An apparatus for monitoring software usage on a network having a network of computers capable of running at least portions of a computer program. One of the computers in the network acts as a node that monitors the usage by users on the network. The monitoring node is programmed to determine active ...

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A circuit for waking a microprocessor from a sleep mode and providing it with its microprocessor clock long enough for a refresh, direct memory access (DMA) or master cycle operation to be done by external circuitry. The clock signal is then removed from the microprocessor to put it back into the sl ...

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An apparatus for workflow automation includes a server computer and a plurality of client computers. Each client computer has an electronic coupling to the server computer for transmission of information between the server computer and each of the client computers and data entry elements and form in ...

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The present invention provides a system whereby the microprocessor and the bus controller in a personal computer can be driven at different frequencies. Furthermore with the present invention the COMMAND DELAY and the WAIT STATE signals on the bus can be adjusted under program control.

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A business process management/workflow automation system includes a network of computers equipped with software that permits a business process that includes a plurality of tasks to proceed across the network based upon stored rules. Upon the completion of a task, the network looks for a subsequent ...

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A non-contact, laser strain extensometer for use in materials testing utilizes a revolving laser beam to measure the separation of benchmarks placed on the specimen to be tested. The reflection of the laser beam from the benchmarks is focused on a photosensor to generate electronic pulses. The time ...

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A method and apparatus which puts a cartridge memory, such as a cartridge ROM, into the EMS memory space. A register value is set to indicate that the cartridge memory is present. This value is provided to enable a logic circuit which does the address transformation needed for EMS and generates a ch ...