Phan Khoi A, Rangarajan Bharath, Singh Bhanwar, Subramanian Ramkumar: Refractive index system monitor and control for immersion lithography. Advanced Micro Devices, Phan Khoi A, Rangarajan Bharath, Singh Bhanwar, Subramanian Ramkumar, COLLOPY Daniel R, March 3, 2005: WO/2005/019935 (367 worldwide citation)

A system and/or method are disclosed for measuring (250) and/or controlling (260) refractive index (n) and/or lithographic constant (k) of an immersion medium (210) utilized in connection with immersion lithography. A known grating structure (602) is built upon a substrate (220). A refractive index ...


Templeton Michael K, Rangarajan Bharath: System and method for facilitating wafer alignment by mitigating effects of reticle rotation on overlay. Advanced Micro Devices, November 1, 2002: TW508641 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to wafer alignment. A reticle (50) is employed which includes, a design (54), and a first and second set of scribe marks (60, 62, 64, 66). The first and second sets of scribe marks (60, 62, 64, 66) have an associated symmetry relative to the reticle design (54). The des ...

Rangarajan Bharath, Templeton Michael K, Phan Khoi A: Lithography system with device for exposing the periphery of a wafer. Advanced Micro Devices, sRODDY Richard J, November 1, 2001: WO/2001/082001 (1 worldwide citation)

A system and method of developing an advanced lithography system is provided. The system can perform edge bead removal operations utilizing an optical edge bead removal system (107) and perform patterning operations with a stepper system (88) utilizing a single light source (90). Preferably, the lig ...

Phan Khoi A, Singh Bhanwar, Rangarajan Bharath, Subramanian Ramkumar: Comprehensive integrated lithographic process control system based on product design and yield feedback system. Advanced Micro Devices, April 24, 2002: GB2410834-A

The present invention provides systems and methods that facilitate performing fabrication process. Critical parameters are valued collectively as a quality matrix, which weights respective parameters according to their importance to one or more design goals. The critical parameters are weighted by c ...

Phan Khoi A, Rangarajan Bharath, Singh Bhanwar: Multi-layer overlay measurement and correction technique for ic manufacturing. Advanced Micro Devices, December 20, 2006: GB2427268-A

A system facilitating measurement and correction of overlay between multiple layers of a wafer (402) is disclosed. The system comprises an overlay target (406) that represents overlay between three or more layers of a wafer (402) and a measurement component (408) that determines overlay error existe ...





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