Randy Watkins: Auto-tunning scanning proximity reader. Natan Epstein, Beehler & Pavitt, November 13, 2001: US06317027 (146 worldwide citation)

A proximity reader for a radio frequency identification (RFID) system is programmed for determining and storing optimum antenna impedance values to achieve peak antenna resonance at each of multiple operating frequencies. Antenna resonance is peaked at power up and periodically during operation to c ...

Larry Kelley, Randy Watkins: Cable assembly with telescoping core terminal. Teleflex Incorporated, Howard & Howard, March 25, 1997: US05613405 (12 worldwide citation)

A motion transmitting remote control assembly (10) includes a core terminal (20) composed of a slider (26) and a sleeve (46). Flexible cantilever fingers (48) extend from the sleeve (46) and are inserted into an aperture (22) in the top of an accelerator pedal (16). A compression spring (64) is disp ...

Martin S Casden, Randy Watkins: Encryption of radio frequency identification tags. Natan Epstein Esq, Law Offices of Natan Epstein, February 17, 2005: US20050036620-A1

A method for encrypting and decrypting user data stored on identification tags, such as RFID tags, of the type having a tag identification code unique to each tag. An encryption/decryption key unique to each tag is based in part or in whole on the tag identification code of each tag, and the unique ...