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A rotatable cam disc has connected thereto linkage means for operating latch bolts. The cam disc has an arcuate cutout in the edge portion thereof defining a pair of end shoulders. A lock actuator plate is rotatable coaxially of the cam disc, and has secured thereto a post member movable within the ...

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A handle assembly is provided. The handle assembly includes a tray that has opposite sides and a shaft that is rotatable relative to the tray. Also included is a handle that is connected to the shaft. The handle rotates with the shaft relative to the tray, and is on one side of the tray with the sha ...

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A vehicle hand rail assembly is provided having an elongated bar. A first section of the bar defines a gripping area, and a second section of the bar is configured to receive and retain at least one light element longitudinally disposed along the bar. At least one mounting member secures the bar in ...

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A paddle handle actuated latch mechanism has the paddle handle pivotally mounted within a recess formed in a rectangular tray. A bolt is mounted in a housing attached to the back of the tray. A slide bar mounted in the bolt housing is connected to the bolt and has a portion which projects through an ...

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An anti-slip grab rail and grab rail assembly, the grab rail providing improved gripping surfaces which, in the preferred embodiments, are formed by a plurality of exposed surfaces of a rigid elongate bar alternating with a plurality of elastomeric members extending longitudinally of the bar. The el ...

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A door actuator for a commercial vehicle includes a mechanism which biases the handle to a stored position and a latch which maintains the handle in the stored position. A key operated lock mechanism cooperates with the latch to lock the handle in the stored position.

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This invention provides a latch assembly in which the operation of a paddle-type recessed handle pivots an actuating member carried on a rear side of the latch assembly. As the latch assembly pivots, a contact member of the latch assembly engages and moves an operating member. As the operating membe ...

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A bar lock includes one piece, preassembled latch modules. Each of the latch modules defines a rotatable shaft which supports a operating bar receiving socket at one end and a cam at the other. Each of the modules defines several locating elements which are used to locate and secure the preassembled ...

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A T-handle latch in which a housing is designed for reception in an opening of an item to be latched. A shank of a handle is rotationally disposed in the housing, and an actuating member of the latch is fixed on the end of the shank. The shank may be received in a shank-receiving opening of the actu ...

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Combined vehicle vent and escape hatch having a frame bounding a roof opening, a cover hingedly connected to opposite sides of the frame by hinge brackets for limited venting movement relative to one or more of the sides, one of the brackets being separable into cover and frame parts and normally pr ...