Randal Lee Bertram, Peter James Brittenham: Browser and plural active URL manager for network computers. International Business Machines, Edward H Duffield, April 11, 2000: US06049812 (192 worldwide citation)

A network browser is provided with working list maintenance and creation facility which contains an indicator for each URL's listing duration level of permanence for controlling how long a URL will be kept or maintained in the working list and also includes an activity duration permanence level indi ...

Randal Lee Bertram: Programming structure for user interfaces. International Business Machines Corporation, Daniel E McConnell, Bernard D Bogdon, January 4, 2000: US06011546 (180 worldwide citation)

Programs stored in memory devices associated with microcontrollers controlling a display to a user are constructed in a language which uses layered statements, each of which can have a description portion, an action portion, and a unique connecting character.

Randal Lee Bertram, Peter James Brittenham, Mathew James Brozowski: System for changing user interfaces based on display data content. International Business Machines Corporation, Edward H Duffield, October 6, 1998: US05818446 (138 worldwide citation)

The computer is enhanced to include software processes for detecting the contents of data to be displayed and, responsive thereto, for changing the user interface selected for display and use. These processes determine which of a plurality of possible user interfaces shall be loaded into the compute ...

Randal Lee Bertram, David Frederick Champion, Mary Elizabeth Taylor Hartman: Computer programmed soft keyboard system, method and apparatus having user input displacement. International Busienss Machines Corporation, Jeanine S Ray Yarletts, October 6, 1998: US05818451 (121 worldwide citation)

A computer in which entry of data from an area provided on a display, touch screen or the like is accomplished by the provision of a "soft keyboard". Misentry of data is avoided by providing for the adjustment of the input by raising the area of input by a fixed percentage of the size of the target ...

Randal Lee Bertram, James Lee Combs, Gerald Joseph Capaci: Keyboard touchpad combination in a bivalve enclosure. International Business Machines Corporation, Daniel McConnell, Calfee Halter & Griswold, October 28, 1997: US05681220 (120 worldwide citation)

An input device for a computer system having a central processing unit mounted in a central enclosure comprising a keyboard and touchpad mounted in a hinged bivalve enclosure. The input device is tethered to the central enclosure by a conductive tether.

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A system and method of monitoring and analyzing the performance of a computer system and its components in a data processing network and for proposing changes to the network to improve the performance. The system involves identifying undesirable conditions (sometimes called bottlenecks) in the syste ...

Randal Lee Bertram, David Frederick Champion: Mobile client computer programmed to display drop down scrolling indicator. International Business Machines Corporation, Bernard D Bogdon, Daniel E McConnell, July 13, 1999: US05923861 (100 worldwide citation)

A display generating system, such as a mobile client computer system, in which a scroll bar is selectively deployed from a less active or "stored" position to a fully active or "extended" position. Deployment of the scroll bar may be by an animated process resembling an unrolling. By deploying the s ...

Randal Lee Bertram, James Lee Combs: Computer system with touchpad support in operating system. International Business Machines Corporation, Anthony N Magistrale, February 23, 1999: US05875311 (100 worldwide citation)

A computer system comprising a central processing unit (CPU) configured to accept coordinate type data from a touchpad or the like. The CPU has an operating system executing thereon with special support for interfacing to the touchpad. The operating system has the following capabilities: (1) mapping ...

Randal Lee Bertram: Method and system for reducing the horizontal space required for displaying a column containing text data. International Business Machines Corporation, Joscelyn G Cockburn, January 23, 2007: US07168039 (96 worldwide citation)

A method and system for reducing an amount of horizontal space required when displaying a plurality of columns on a display screen is disclosed. The at least one column of the plurality of columns has at least one entry containing text data. The method and system include obtaining the at least one e ...

Randal Lee Bertram: Video display controller, user interface and programming structure for such interface. International Business Machines Corporation, Daniel E McConnel, August 12, 1997: US05657091 (94 worldwide citation)

The use of video/audio signal streams such as in the past have been distributed by broadcast over radio frequency bands or by cable distribution, or made available from video recorder/player devices such as cassette recorders or video disc players, or made available from direct, live sources such as ...