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An electroluminescent device is disclosed having a luminescent zone of less than one .mu.m in thickness comprised of an organic host material capable of sustaining hole-electron recombination and a fluorescent material capable of emitting light in response to energy released by hole-electron recombi ...

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A dye mixture is disclosed. The mixture is useful in recording layers of optical recording elements. The mixture has:

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Photothermographic materials comprise heat-bleachable antihalation compositions in backside antihalation layers. These compositions comprise a hexaarybiimidazole and an oxonol dye that can be represented by the following Structure I:

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An imaging element is described which comprises a dye image-forming coupler compound and a compound capable of releasing a fluorescent dye as a function of silver halide development. The released dye is capable of fluorescence which optically compensates for unwanted absorption of an image dye there ...

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Heat bleachable elements have antihalation layers composed of metallized or unmetallized formazan dyes, hexaarylbiimidzoles having alkoxy substituents and film forming binders that soften upon heating. These layers are rapidly bleached at relatively low temperatures. Polymeric acidic layers adjacent ...

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Specific aromatic compounds having an extended planar .pi. system are useful as spectral sensitizing dye stain reducing agents in photographic processing compositions and methods for providing color or black-and-white images in various photographic silver halide materials. These compounds are devoid ...

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An optical recording element is disclosed. The element has a transparent substrate and on the surface of said substrate, a recording layer and a light reflecting layer wherein recording layer comprises a mixture of a metallized formazan dye with symmetrical and unsymmetrical cyanine dyes. The unreco ...

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Substituted 4-oxo-4H-benz-[d,e] anthracenes are fluorescent dyes which are useful in biomedical studies and analytical determinations. They are particularly useful in assays for living organisms, e.g. microorganisms, carried out at a pH of 9 or less. For these determinations, the fluorescent dyes ca ...

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A thermal recording element comprising a support having thereon a dye layer comprising a polymeric binder containing:

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A dye mixture having, at 780 nm, a real refractive index not less than 1.8, and an imaginary part not greater than 0.15 and comprising (a) a tetra dye having a metallized azo dianionic dye with a cationic dye counterion and (b) at least one other dye having the structure according to formula I: ##ST ...