Erwin Meinders
Elmo Marcus Attila Diederiks, Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Edwin Van Lier, Ralph Hubert Peters: Method of and system for controlling an ambient light and lighting unit. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, May 6, 2008: US07369903 (12 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the on-line analysis of meta-data that is received together with a video signal. This analysis results in an adaptation of the lighting surrounding the presentation device (110). One or more characteristics of the meta-data are filtered out and translated into lighting setti ...

Erwin Meinders
Theodorus Franciscus Emilius M, Aeneas Fletterman, Elmo Marcus Attila Diederiks, Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Edwin Van Lier, Ralph Hubert Peters, Josephus Hubertus Eggen, Rosendaal Wilhelmus Joseph: Display apparatus. Koninkl Philips Electronics, January 7, 2004: EP1379082-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A display apparatus comprising a display unit further comprises at least one controllable illumination unit for providing a background light having a controllable color.

Harald Willwohl, Gerard Elders, Jan Reniers, Piet Van Der Wielen, Ralph Hubert Peters: LED lighting module. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, October 5, 2010: US07806575 (42 worldwide citation)

The invention describes an LED lighting module (1) comprising an LED element (10), an electronic driving arrangement (30) for driving the LED (11), and a heat sink (20). The heat sink (20) forms a casing for the electronic driving arrangement (30) and comprises a receptacle interface (26) on a front ...

Joseph Ludovicus Antonius Maria Sormani, Ralph Hubert Peters, Egbert Lenderink: Light source and illumination device comprising at least one light-emitting element. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, March 6, 2012: US08128267 (7 worldwide citation)

A light source comprising a light engine (10), especially with at least one LED and/or at least one laser light emitting element, and further comprising a light guide (11) and an out-coupling structure (12) is proposed. By this, a flexible scheme to tailor the source size and radiation characteristi ...

Merijn Keser, Wouter Oepts, Edwin Petrus Helena Van Lier, Ralph Hubert Peters: Light emitting device with spring-loaded LED-holder. Koninklijke Philips, January 13, 2015: US08933616 (3 worldwide citation)

A light-emitting device (1), comprising an LED-module (3) comprising at least one LED mounted on a carrier and at least one connection pad (10a-b) for electrical connection of the LED module (3), a heat dissipator (2) for dissipating heat generated by the LED when in operation, a connection board (4 ...

Marc Andre Samber, Ralph Hubert Peters, Joseph Ludovicus Sormani: Lighting device. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, John F Salazar, Mark L Beloborodov, August 28, 2012: US08251538 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a lighting device (101) comprising a blue light source, e.g. an LED (102), combined with a wavelength converting ceramic (106) and a collimating optical component (110). The ceramic (106) is mechanically carried by the optical component (110), for example by a glue or by ins ...

Ralph Hubert Peters, Marc Andre De Samberg, Koen Van Os, Norbertus Antonius Maria Sweegers, Egbert Lenderink, Johannes Antonius Adrianus Maria Van Heeswijk, Johann Josef Kohl: Lighting device and method for directing light. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, September 21, 2010: US07798691 (1 worldwide citation)

An LED module is described with a base 10 made out of a heat conducting material. An LED element (32) is arranged in a cavity (11) of the base. A collimator reflector (70) is formed by reflective surfaces (24, 64, 66a). Three of these reflective surfaces (66a, 66b, 64) are provided on a plastic inse ...

Harald Willwohl, Josef Andreas Schug, Wouter Petrus Kaandorp, Mathijs De Wit, Norbertus Antonius Maria Sweegers, Gerardus Henricus Franciscus Willebrordus Steenbruggen, Ralph Hubert Peters: Collimator. Koninklijke Philips, February 16, 2016: US09263651

An LED package including a collimator body adapted to collect and/or reflect and/or focus light. An upper plane provided by the collimator body defines a mainly horizontal plane. At least one reflection surface is provided by the collimator body and is at least partially angled to the horizontal pla ...

Ralph Hubert Peters, Harald Willwohl, Bas Fleskens, Theodoor Cornelis Treurniet: Modular lighting assembly adapter part. PHILIPS LIGHTING HOLDING, March 7, 2017: US09587816

The invention describes an adapter part (2, 9) for a modular lighting assembly (1) comprising a number of light-emitting diodes (4) mounted on a separate base part (3), which adapter part (2, 9) comprises a number of first electrical connectors (21) arranged to connect the light-emitting diodes (4) ...

Ralph Hubert Peters, Nils Benter: Leadframe LED lighting assembly. Koninklijke Philips, April 19, 2016: US09318672

A lighting assembly and a lamp for a motor vehicle are described. A leadframe 14 out of a metal sheet material comprises a first part 14c and a second part 14b not directly electrically connected. An LED element 16 is fixed to the leadframe 14. A first contact part 24a is connected to the first lead ...