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A highly conformable adhesive tape which comprises a highly extensible and elastic backing film laminated with an adhesive layer to form the tape. The adhesive is a normally tacky and pressure-sensitive elastomeric adhesive coated on at least one of the film surfaces. The film possesses a lengthwise ...

Ralf Korpman: Elastic disposable diaper. Personal Products Company, March 15, 1988: US04731066 (155 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an elastic laminated disposable diaper which has a liquid-impermeable backing which is produced from an initially molten extruded elastic film, an absorbent core and a liquid-permeable facing. The facing is at least about 25 percent extensible and is coextensive with the backi ...

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Particulate absorbents of a water-insoluble water-swellable polymer having a gel capacity of at least 10 are immobilized with a composition comprising the absorbent in a liquid polyhydroxy organic compound. The composition may be employed by applying to an appropriate surface and subjecting the liqu ...

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A foam product having both absorptive and cushioning properties is prepared from a solid, particulate, water-insoluble, water-swellable polymer having a gel capacity of at least 10, a solid, particulate blowing agent, and a liquid polyhydroxy organic compound. Foamable compositions and articles empl ...

Ralf Korpman: Absorbent dressing. Johnson & Johnson, September 4, 1979: US04166464 (115 worldwide citation)

A highly conformable laminated absorbent dressing which comprises an absorbent pad or layer and an elastic backing film which is both elastic and easily deformable and which preferably is highly thermoplastic and easily heat-sealable. The backing film possesses an elastic recovery from 50 percent st ...

Ralf Korpman: Hot melt adhesive composition and tape. Johnson & Johnson, January 13, 1976: US03932328 (94 worldwide citation)

A hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and tape wherein the adhesive comprises an elastomeric component based on an elastomeric and thermoplastic A-B-A block copolymer wherein the B blocks are derived from isoprene and the A blocks are derived from styrene, and a unique tackifier compone ...

Ralf Korpman: Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and process. Johnson & Johnson, Alice O Robertson, April 12, 1983: US04379806 (89 worldwide citation)

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes with various backing films are prepared by a single step process of coextruding a backing film-forming composition and an adhesive composition. No primer is needed. Tapes with release properties are possible without additional preparative procedure.

Ralf Korpman: Tacky adhesive. Johnson & Johnson, March 21, 1978: US04080348 (67 worldwide citation)

A highly tacky pressure-sensitive adhesive which possesses superior "finger tack" and skin adhesion, as well as the ability to adhere to oily surfaces. The adhesive comprises a thermoplastic component and a resin component and the thermoplastic component consists essentially of about 55-85 parts, pr ...

Ralf Korpman: Mixed block polymer adhesive. Johnson & Johnson, January 23, 1979: US04136071 (64 worldwide citation)

A broad performance pressure-sensitive adhesive based upon A-B-A and A-B block copolymers. The adhesive possesses a superior balance of properties when extruded and comprises a major proportion of styrene-isoprene-styrene A-B-A block copolymer elastomers and a minor proportion of styrene-isoprene A- ...

Ralf Korpman: Sanitary napkin. Personal Products Company, July 26, 1988: US04759754 (63 worldwide citation)

A sanitary napkin having side panels intended to be folded around the crotch portion of an undergarment includes an adhesive tape tab secured to the apertured film facing of one panel with a free end overlying the opposite panel in the folded configuration. The adhesive coating on the tape tab, an A ...