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The controlled release of buprenorphine or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof to the skin over a period of time of at least 24 hours is ensured by a transdermal therapeutic system consisting of a backing layer which is impermeable to the active substance, a pressure-sensitive adhesive res ...

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The present invention relates to active substance plasters for the controlled release of active substances to the skin consisting of a backing layer, an adhesive film connected therewith which film is water-soluble and consists of pressure-sensitive adhesive which comprises water-swellable polymers ...

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A device for the release of substances from pressure sensitive hot-melt adhesives with a uniform or non-uniform distribution of said substances is characterized by the fact that the pressure sensitive hot-melt adhesive is hydrophilic and comprises at least one water-soluble, or at least water-swella ...

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The invention relates to an apparatus for the release or delivery of substances from hot melt contact adhesives with uniform or irregular distribution of the substances, the hot melt contact adhesive having a processing temperature between 40.degree. and 80.degree. C., preferably between 40.degree. ...

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The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for the transdermal systemic administration of an active agent characterized in that the active agent is bopindolol or methysergide. Also the present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for the transdermal systemic administratio ...

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The invention relates to a primary pack for surface-stabilized bandaging materials having a carrier layer and a skin-side contact surface having pressure sensitive adhesive areas and which prior to the use of the bandaging material is protected by a removable covering layer, and an at least one-laye ...


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A process for cleaning in particular styrene-polluted spent air by filtering out styrene and an apparatus for performing this process are described. The filter used is a biofilter of tree bark, particularly spruce bark. The filter is in the form of a bed of particles with a particle diameter of 0.5 ...