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A cobalt/chromium based alloy suitable for use in making dental prostheses and surgical implants, and also for use in making machine parts which are subject to severe corrosive conditions and mechanical loads at high temperatures, comprises by weight, 26 percent to 31 percent chromium, from 4 percen ...

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A data detector comprises a channel estimator 54, which estimates the impulse response of the communication channel, an equaliser 52, which receives signal samples and generates data decisions SDt,i and error signals et,i from them in combination with channel impulse estimates from the estimator 54, ...

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A receiver for recovering data from received spread spectrum radio signals, the receiver comprising an equaliser means (22), which operates to mitigate at least some inter symbol interference present in the sampled base band signals (22, 28) and to condition the remaining inter symbol interference t ...

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A radio communications receiver for use in recovering data from wide band radio signals which reach the receiver via a plurality of different paths, each path being associated with one of a plurality of different mean delays, the receiver comprising a plurality of antennas (14) arranged to detect th ...

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In Wideband-Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA) systems employing decimating filters for joint detection of time-variant signals it is desirable to directly calculate coefficients of the decimating filters. In order to calculate the coefficients, an input signal is de-spread (step 500) and a conv ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft eine Kobalt-Chrom-Gusslegierung, also eine Nicht-Edel-Metallegierung (NEM-Legierung), aus der Gerüste und Platten für herausnehmbare Dentalprothesen gegossen werden. Die Legierungszusammensetzung ist (in Massen-%): 0,1 bis 1,0 % Kohlenstoff 0,05 bis 0,5 % Stickstoff 0,5 bis 3, ...

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A receiver comprises an equaliser 19 which operates to detect data symbols by calculating a plurality of transition probability estimates associated with transitions from a first state to at least one subsequent state of a communications channel from an estimate of an impulse response of the channel ...

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A stabilized polyarylene ester of an aromatic dicarboxylic acid comprising a synergistically effective amount of an aromatic isocyanate and an aliphatic phosphite.

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An adaptive antenna system (8) has a plurality of antennas (10,12,14) arranged to detect radio signals, a spatial filter (16) coupled to the antennas operates to combine the signals and scale them with antenna weight coefficients. Signals combine coherently when they arrive at the antenna system fro ...

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The configuration of a radio base station receiver 7 filter is controlled by the network controller to which the base station is connected. The configuration may be determined by the network controller based on characteristics of the signal 1 received from a mobile at the base station. The controlle ...