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A method and system for providing a recording head is disclosed. The method and system include providing a first pole, a second pole, a write gap and at least one coil. The write cap separates the first pole from the second pole. The coil(s) include a plurality of turns and is between the first and ...

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A disk drive write head (10) having a bottom pole (60), a first insulation layer (64) formed on the bottom pole (60), a coil (38) formed on the first insulation layer (64), a second insulation layer (66) formed on the coil (38), a write gap layer (76) formed on the second insulation layer (66), and ...

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A T-shaped pole tip portion of an upper pole of a write element for a magnetic disk drive is provided. One end of the pole tip portion, constituting the bottom of the “T,” forms a narrow nose segment at an air bearing surface, while a wing segment at the opposite end of the pole tip portion constitu ...

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A magnetic write head provides a significant write field and minimal adjacent track erasure, and lends itself to improved manufacturability. The write head includes a pedestal throat height that defines a bottom pole, P1, and that is substantially recessed from the air bearing surface. The write hea ...

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A disk drive write head having in consecutive layers a bottom pole, a write gap layer, a first insulation layer, a coil, a second insulation layer having an insulation layer boundary, and a top pole on the second insulation layer. The top pole includes a main body portion and a nose portion and has ...

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A novel system for selectively referencing transmit data transferred from a repeater to a physical layer transmitter via a Media Independent Interface (MII), to an input clock selected depending on a mode of MII operations. A clock select input determines whether transmit data is referenced to a sel ...

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A superconducting article includes a biaxially-textured Ni substrate, and epitaxial buffer layers of Pd (optional), CeO.sub.2 and YSZ, and a top layer of in-plane aligned, c-axis oriented YBCO having a critical current density (J.sub.c) in the range of at least 100,000 A/cm.sup.2 at 77 K.

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Novel calcium phosphate core particles, methods of making them, and methods of using them as vaccine adjuvants, as cores, as carriers of biologically active material, and as controlled release matrices for biologically active material are disclosed. The core particles may have a surface modifying ag ...

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A biasing system for a tri-layer reader stack magnetoresistive sensor is disclosed. The tri-layer reader stack includes a first ferromagnetic free layer, a second ferromagnetic free layer, and a magnetoresistive layer between the first and second ferromagnetic free layers. The free layers are positi ...

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The present invention provides a biaxially textured laminate article having a polycrystalline biaxially textured metallic substrate with an electrically conductive oxide layer epitaxially deposited thereon and methods for producing same. In one embodiment a biaxially texture Ni substrate has a layer ...