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A system for emitting and detecting terahertz frequency electromagnetic pulses. The system comprises a single transceiver device, which may be an electro-optic crystal or photoconductive antenna, for both emitting and detecting the pulses. A related method comprises using a single transceiver device ...

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Providing configuration information to an endpoint includes receiving at a file server a configuration information request from the endpoint. The configuration information request requests configuration information for the endpoint. The file server establishes whether the endpoint is authorized to r ...

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An arc flash detection method includes transmitting light via an optical fiber to a sensor and transmitting light from the sensor that includes components representative of acoustic waves and light for filtering and processing to detect an occurrence of an arc flash.

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A method of improving spatial resolution of a pump-probe terahertz (THz) imaging system for producing an image of an object. The method provides a chopped optical gating beam focused on a semiconductive layer that is either part of the object or a discrete layer placed over the object. The gating be ...

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The present invention provides an optical cuvette for use in a flow-type particle analyzer, wherein the cuvette includes a removable flow tube containing a flow channel oriented coaxially.

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A method for bleaching laundry and household surfaces is provided which iudes preparing a wash medium with a bleaching composition incorporating polyoxometalates and being free of any effective amount of a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide, organic peracids, inorganic peracids, organic persa ...

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A sensor to simultaneously detect light and acoustic waves is presented. The sensor includes one or more optical fibers and a diaphragm disposed near one end of at least one of the one or more optical fibers. The diaphragm is configured to vibrate upon incidence of acoustic waves from an arc flash a ...

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The present invention provides an optical analyzer having illumination optics that include a light source, such as a laser or other source, adapted to emit a collimated, or approximately collimated, light beam, a focusing lens that focuses the beam onto a focus spot within a detection region, and be ...

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An optical chromatic dispersion compensator (60) betters optical communication system performance. The dispersion compensator (60) includes a collimating means (61) that receives a spatially diverging beam of light from an end of an optical fiber (30). The collimating means (61) converts the spatial ...

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A spatial light modulator based on a metamaterial structure and a preparation method thereof. The spatial light modulator includes an array of optical function elements and a control circuit. The optical function element includes a metamaterial structure formed by a metal nanostructure layer and a m ...