Qcheng S Lien, Steven T Nakos: Dual curing silicone, method of preparing same and dielectric soft-gel compositions thereof. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, July 9, 1985: US04528081 (61 worldwide citation)

Novel dual curing silicones are terminated with acrylic functional dialkoxy or diaryloxy silyl groups. They are prepared by condensation of a silanol terminated silicone with a silane represented by the formula ##STR1## where R.sup.3 is alkyl or aryl, R.sup.4 is H or C.sub.1-5 alkyl and R.sup.5 is a ...

Qcheng S Lien, Robert W R Humphreys: Polyphotoinitiators. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, May 6, 1986: US04587276 (21 worldwide citation)

Novel polymeric photocleavable photoinitiators are prepared by the hydrosilation reaction of an organosilicon hydride grafting agent which has a photoinitiating aromatic-aliphatic ketone derivative of at least one organo group, with a polymer having a plurality of unsaturated olefinic or acetylenic ...

Qcheng S Lien, Steven T Nakos: Novel methacrylated siloxanes. Loctite Corporation, Vidas & Arrett, May 12, 1987: US04665147 (12 worldwide citation)

Methacrylated siloxanes are prepared by hydrosilation of beta(allyloxy)ethyl methacrylate using a silicon hydride functional siloxane. Propene elimination is not a significant side reaction of the method. Methacrylated silicones prepared in accordance with the invention are capable of anaerobic cure ...

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