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Glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polymer composite sheets are formed using semicrystalline polymers that have their glass transition temperature above room temperature and may be cold formed, i.e., shaped in a cold mold when preheated outside the mold. Glass-reinforced low molecular weight polye ...

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High performance (high tenacity and modulus) polyethylene fibers are subjected to pressure at elevated temperatures in the absence of a matrix to form articles such as non-woven fabrics and film-like structures, which may be translucent or even transparent. Good fiber adhesion and even fiber deforma ...

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A rigid improved penetration resistant composite of the type comprising a plurality of fibrous layers comprising network of fibers in a polymeric matrix selected from the group consisting of thermoplastic polymers, thermosetting resins or a combination thereof, at least two of said layers secured to ...

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A penetration resistant article of manufacture having at least one surface defined by a plurality of points at least two of said points located in different horizontal planes, said article comprisng a plurality of prepreg packets each comprising at least two prepreg layers wherein said layers are co ...

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This invention relates to novel polyestercarbonate copolymers in which bisphenol-A and trans-1,4-cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid moieties are linked by ester and carbonate links, optionally including other dibasic acid moieties, especially terephthalic and/or isophthalic moieties, in no greater molar ...

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A yarn structure is provided that imparts improved wrinkle resistance in fabrics produced therefrom. The yarn is composed of plurality of filaments or strands that are intermittently connected or fused by an essentially permanent bond, i.e., analogous to spot welding, along their lengths. The approp ...

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Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers are prepared by forming a 2-15 weight % solution of PAN of Mw at least 500,000, extruding, cooling to below the gel temperature, extracting and drying. At least one of the gel fiber, the fiber containing extraction solvent and the dried gel is stretched. The product PA ...

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A multifilament fine denier latently crimpable yarn from a polymeric blend of incompatible thermoplastic polymers such as a polycaproamide/polyethylene terephthalate and/or polypropylene blend; and process of producing it. The process involves subjecting a monofil, film or tape of the polymer blend, ...

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An improved article of the type comprising a plurality of flexible fibrous layers (12a-12j) at least two of which are secured together by stitches (14) formed from relatively high tenacity and high tensile modulus yarns.

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Penetration resistant article of the type comprising one or more flexible fibrous layers wherein the fibers in each layer are arranged parallel or substantially parallel to one another along a common fiber direction with fibers in adjacent layers aligned at an angle with respect to the longitudinal ...