Pratt Christopher Arnold: Method and system for degrading a foam fluid. Shell Int Research, November 8, 1989: GB2218136-A (5 worldwide citation)

A foam drilling fluid returning from a borehole that is being drilled using a foam drilling system is degraded by injecting air or another gas into the foam at or near the wellhead.





Pratt Christopher Arnold: Methode et systeme de revetement de puits multibranches, Method and system for lining multilateral wells. Cdx Gas, Cdx Gas, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, June 3, 2008: CA2458838

In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a method for lining a lateral wellbore includes drilling a main wellbore extending from a surface to a subterranean zone, casing the main wellbore with a main casing having a plurality of lateral wellbore windows formed therein, positioning ...

Vinegar Harold J, Hartmann Robin Adrianus, Pratt Christopher Arnold, Harris Christopher Kelvin, Lepper Gordon Bruce: Formation douvertures dans une formation contenant des hydrocarbures a laide dun suivi magnetique, Forming openings in a hydrocarbon containing formation using magnetic tracking. Shell Canada, Shell Canada, Smart & Biggar, March 15, 2011: CA2462805

A method for forming openings in a hydrocarbon containing formation is described. A plurality of magnets is provided along a portion of a first opening. A second opening in the formation is formed using magnetic tracking of the series of magnetic fields. The second opening may be spaced a desired di ...