St├ęphane De Lombaert
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Novel 5-substituted-2-arylpyrazine compounds are provided. Such compounds can act as selective modulators or CRF receptors. Compounds of the invention are provided by the following formula: The 5-substituted-2-arylpyrazine compounds provided herein are useful in the treatment of a number of CNS and ...

Ping Ge: Virtual compressor outlet temperature sensing for charge air cooler overheating protection. Detroit Diesel Corporation, Brooks Kushman P C, December 5, 2006: US07143580 (15 worldwide citation)

A system and method for controlling an internal combustion engine, having an exhaust recirculation (EGR) system and a charge air cooler, to prevent overheating the charge air cooler. The system calculates the output temperature of a turbocharger compressor as a function of ambient air temperature, a ...


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A method of controlling a turbocharger for an engine and a control system for the same includes a variable nozzle turbine control module operating a variable nozzle turbine of a high pressure turbocharger closed loop in a first load-engine speed region. The system also includes a high pressure turbi ...

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A method of controlling a series turbocharger for an engine and a control system for the same includes a boost determination module determining a first predicted boost pressure for a first position of a variable geometry turbine when a high pressure turbine bypass valve is in an open position. The b ...

Taeyoung Yoon, Ping Ge, Raymond F Horvath, Stephane DeLombaert, Kevin J Hodgetts, Dario Doller, Cunyu Zhang: Substituted arylpyrazines. Neurogen Corporation, Peter F Corless, John B Alexander, Edwards & Angell, February 7, 2006: US06995161 (3 worldwide citation)

Arylpyrazine compounds are provided, including arylpyrazines that can bind with high affinity and high selectivity to CRF1 receptors, including human CRF1 receptors. The invention thus includes methods for treatment of disorders and diseases associated with CRF1 receptors, including CNS-related diso ...

Zhiping Steven Liu, B Jerry Song, Anupam Gangopadhyay, Ping Ge: Mode transition systems and methods for a sequential turbocharger. November 6, 2012: US08302397 (2 worldwide citation)

A system for a sequential turbocharger includes a mode selection module, a feed-forward selection module, and a control loop module. The mode selection module generates a control mode signal based on an engine speed signal, an engine torque signal, and an engine mode signal. The control mode signal ...


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Diarylpyrimidine compounds of Formula I are provided, wherein. or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein: Ar1 and Ar2 are independently chosen from: phenyl which is mono-, di-, or tri-substituted, 1-naphthyl and 2-naphthyl, each of which is optionally mono-, di-, or tri-substituted, and ...