Paul G Y Tsui, Hsing Huang Tseng, Navakanta Bhat, Ping Chen: Method for making a dual-thickness gate oxide layer using a nitride/oxide composite region. Motorola, Keith E Witek, September 28, 1999: US05960289 (142 worldwide citation)

A method for forming a dual gate oxide (DGO) structure begins by forming a first oxide layer (106) within active areas (110) and (112). A protection layer (108a) is then formed over the layer (106). A mask (114) is used to allow removal of the layers (106 and 108a) from the active area (110). A ther ...

Nang Ping Chen, Robert J Ko, Jeong Tyng Li, Thomas B Huang, Ming Yang Wang: Structure and method for providing a reconfigurable emulation circuit without hold time violations. Quickturn Design Systems, Lyon & Lyon, December 12, 1995: US05475830 (98 worldwide citation)

A method and a structure for implementing integrated circuit designs into a plurality of clocked and unclocked reprogrammable logic circuits. Software structures analyze the target logic circuit, form clusters, partition the integrated circuit design and implement the partitions into the clocked and ...

Joseph L Ardini Jr, Robert F Beckwith, Chi Ping Chen, Paul K Rodman: Data processing system and method having an improved arithmetic unit. Prime Computer, Lahive & Cockfield, August 2, 1988: US04761755 (93 worldwide citation)

A data processing system, wherein the central processing unit has an arithmetic element for processing data in response to machine program instructions and a control store for microcode program storage responsive to the machine instructions for implementing the instruction, has an improved arithmeti ...

Jagabandhu Das, Ramesh Padmanabha, Ping Chen, Derek J Norris, Arthur M P Doweyko, Joel C Barrish, John Wityak: Cyclic protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Bristol Myers Squibb Company, Ronald S Hermenau, July 22, 2003: US06596746 (91 worldwide citation)

Novel cyclic compounds and salts thereof, pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds, and methods of using such compounds in the treatment of protein tyrosine kinase-associated disorders such as immunologic and oncologic disorders.

Ping Chen Tsai: Foldable table. Raymond Y Chan, David & Raymond Patent Group, May 11, 2004: US06732663 (70 worldwide citation)

A foldable table includes a tabletop and a table supporting frame substantially supporting the tabletop thereon. The tabletop has an upper utilizing portion which has a top resting edge peripherally encircling therearound, and a bottom bottom supporting surface for the table supporting frame to be m ...

Shun Ping Chen, Manfred Burkert, Reinhard Berfelde, Christian Heuer: Flat-top antenna apparatus including at least one mobile radio antenna and a GPS antenna. Fuba Automotive, Michael J Striker, January 6, 1998: US05706015 (67 worldwide citation)

The flat-topped antenna apparatus includes a GPS antenna, a mobile radio antenna, a common housing for the antennas mounted over a ground plane and coaxial cables (12,13,13a) acting as electrical supply lines for the antennas. The mobile radio antenna includes a metal sheet (6,6',6a) plane parallel ...

Duan Ping Chen: High speed logic circuit simulator. Smith Hill and Bedell, March 31, 1998: US05734869 (58 worldwide citation)

A logic circuit simulator includes a set of programmable logic devices (PLDs) having input/output terminals connected to a hold and switch (HAS) device via a parallel bus. Each PLD includes an addressable input register for receiving and storing input data conveyed on the parallel bus and an address ...


Nang Ping Chen, Robert J Ko, Jeong Tyng Li, Thomas B Huang, Ming Yang Wang: Structure and method for providing reconfigurable emulation circuit. Quickturn Design Systems, Lyon & Lyon, November 10, 1998: US05835751 (52 worldwide citation)

A method and a structure provide emulation circuit implemented on a logic block module comprising clocked and unclocked field programmable logic devices (FPGAs). Software modules analyze the target logic circuit and impose delay constraints to require certain storage instances to be implemented on s ...

Han Ping Chen: Multilevel memory access method. September 4, 2001: US06285624 (51 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus provides multi-level memory data input-output signals to speed up the memory data transfer rate between a memory controlling device and a memory device to increase the utilization of the data width of the memory cell array. Also, the present invention provides a method that is ...

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