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A noise reducing method and associated apparatus for use in a medical radiographic imaging system wherein an image represented by an array of pixels is processed and the processed image is recorded on a recording medium or visualized on a display monitor. The processing comprises the steps of

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A contrast enhancing processing method is disclosed that is based on a transformation of an original image into a multiresolution edge representation based on a wavelet transform. The multiresolution edge representation is modified and subsequently subjected to a reconstruction procedure. Different ...

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A phantom for determining attenuation by a combination of materials of polychromatic X-rays comprises a number of tubes that can be positioned in between a source emitting said X-rays and an X-ray detector. The tubes are held in a position so that they are directed towards the position of a source o ...

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The contrast of an image is enhanced by converting the digital signal representation of the image according to a conversion function that is derived from a parameterized conversion function q(x) by giving specific values to the parameters of the function. Specific values for parameters that depend o ...

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A method of correcting artefacts in a processed digital image represented by a multi-scale gradient representation being obtained by non-linear processing of a multi-scale gradient representation of an original image. A modified gradient representation is generated by modifying gradient images of th ...

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The disclosed methods for generating scatter-compensated radiation image are based on one irradiating shot of the object. By comparing the detected signal under a partially transparent body (ea. disk or strip), positioned between the x-ray source and the object being imaged, with the signal in the i ...

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An image which has been subjected to image processing wherein contrast amplification and density can be specified independently is displayed on a display screen. The contrast of all pixels in the displayed image is changed upon movement of an indicium in a first direction and the density of all pixe ...

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A digital signal representation of an image is normalized by applying a normalization parameter to all pixels of the digital signal representation of the image or to the pixels of a multi-scale representation of the image. The normalization parameter can be derived from the digital signal representa ...

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A method for monitoring the sensitivity of a system that reads a radiation image or an irradiated object with the radiation image being stored in a photostimulable phosphor screen. The method employs the steps of scanning the screen with stimulating irradiation, detecting the light emitted upon stim ...

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Method and apparatus for displaying images obtained by reading out stimulable phosphor screens wherein radiation images are stored. A mosaic type image is composed by means of a plurality of read-out images and said mosaic type image is displayed on a preview monitor or on one of a plurality of prev ...