Michael Ibison, Pieter P Vuylsteke: Method of recognizing an irradiation field. Agfa Gevaert, Richard J Birch, April 9, 1996: US05506913 (35 worldwide citation)

Radiologists may protect their subjects against unnecessary exposure to X-rays by use of X-ray opaque material. The resulting image contains relatively unexposed regions which comprise the shadow cast by the X-ray opaque material. This invention discloses a method for the automatic determination of ...

Tom G Buytaert, Stefan C Van de Velde, Pieter P Vuylsteke: Fast interactive off-line processing method for radiographic images. Agfa Gevaert, Richard J Birch, August 13, 1996: US05546473 (7 worldwide citation)

A fast off-line image processing method for radiographic images is disclosed wherein an image is decomposed into detail image and multiple resolution levels and a residual image, detail images are modified up to a preset resolution level and a processed image is reconstructed by means of the modifie ...