Phyllis Cosentino: Autonomous registration overload control for cellular mobile radio systems. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Steinmetz, March 17, 1992: US05097499 (55 worldwide citation)

Registration signal channel overloads occurring due to overly numerous autonomous registration messages initiated by the mobile radiotelephones are averted by monitoring the number of autonomous registrations occurring or requested in a particular local cellular system and responding in the event of ...

Phyllis Cosentino, Bijan Farhang, Pradeep Sharma, Kenneth Shelhamer: Method of selecting a calling number for a mobile station from multiple calling numbers. Lucent Technologies, January 27, 2004: US06684077 (1 worldwide citation)

In the method, the receipt or lack thereof of a number select code from a mobile station forms the basis for selecting a calling number from multiple calling numbers associated with the mobile station. The number select code may directly or indirectly identify a calling number.