Whetstone Albert L, Fine Samuel, Banks William, Phillips Stanley C: Graphical data device. Amperex Electronic Corporation, September 24, 1974: US3838212 (40 worldwide citation)

A graphical data device employing a stylus moving over an area to be digitized and utilizing a fast rise time sound energy shock wave, generated by a spark at the location of the stylus and propagated through the air for providing coordinate information as to the instantaneous position of the spark. ...

Phillips Stanley C: Selective rear wheel emergency brake actuator. Jacobson Harvey B, O Brien Clarence A, February 19, 1974: US3792746 (4 worldwide citation)

An extricating device for use when a motorist gets stuck in sand, mud or snow and desires to extricate himself without assistance from other motorists or a costly tow truck. This device is usable in conjunction with customary emergency brake cables which serve to simultaneously apply and release the ...