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A measuring sensor of an electronic trip device of a circuit breaker comprises a shunt in the form of a hollow cylinder inside which there is located an electronic processing unit, comprising an amplifier circuit and an input resistance in good thermal contact with the internal face of the cylinder.

Philippe LeMaitre, Philippe Schuster, Christian Pellegrin: Electrical network insulation monitoring and measuring device. Merlin Gerin, Arnold White & Durkee, January 23, 1990: US04896115 (20 worldwide citation)

An insulation monitoring device comprises an input circuit of a reference AC signal, and an electronic detection circuit for discriminating the components of a measurement signal proportional to the ground fault impedance Z formed by a leakage resistor Rf in parallel with a leakage capacitor C. A sy ...

Philippe Schuster, Roland Moussanet: Insulation monitoring system of a direct current power supply system. Merlin Gerin, Parkhurst Wendel & Rossi, December 24, 1991: US05075628 (13 worldwide citation)

Insulation monitoring of a direct current power supply system is achieved by application of an alternating current and the detector is constituted by a current transformer and a Hall-effect current sensor. This Hall-effect sensor controls a direct current generator, which supplies a compensation win ...

Philippe Schuster: Device for measuring the current in a conductor. Merlin Gerin, June 5, 1992: FR2670015-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A device suitable for measuring a current (I) independently of the distance (r) which separates it from the conductor (1) in which the current is flowing. It comprises at least two Hall effect directional localised sensors (2, 3) which are coplanar and separated by a fixed distance (d). After any ap ...

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An electromagnetic actuator including a saturable magnetic shunt system. The shunt is associated with a coil of the actuator and allows channeling of a more or less large part of the flow according to current circulating in the product. In this way, when the actuator is used in a circuit breaker, th ...

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A current limiting device including a transformer including an element made from a magnetothermal material, a primary conductor, and a secondary winding. Heat is generated by the current flowing through the primary conductor and when the current exceeds a certain threshold it modifies the coupling c ...