Philippe M Frossard: Apo AI/CIII genomic polymorphisms predictive of atherosclerosis. Biotechnology Research Partners, Ciotti & Murashige Irell & Manella, January 31, 1989: US04801531 (280 worldwide citation)

The invention offers an early detection method for atherosclerosis using genetic analysis to detect a polymorphisms shown to be correlated with this disease which are proximal to the apolipoprotein AI (apoAI) and aplipoprotein CIII (apoCIII) gene complex. All individuals with a 300 bp deletion 4 kb ...

Philippe M Frossard: Polymorphisms related to lipid metabolism: ApoB, ApoCII, ApoE, ApoAIV. Biotechnology Research Partners, Ciotti & Murashige Irell & Manella, September 20, 1988: US04772549 (9 worldwide citation)

Polymorphisms in genes related to lipid metabolism, specifically apolipoproteins B, CII, E, and apoAIV, have been identified. Presence or absence of these polymorphisms in particular individuals may be correlated with propensity to show symptoms of atherosclerosis. Also thus correlated are two inser ...

Philippe M Frossard: Restriction fragment analysis of individuals using cardiovascular system probes. California Biotechnology, Irell & Manella, August 29, 1989: US04861708 (5 worldwide citation)

Polymorphisms in the renin, kallikrein, and ANF gene regions are predictive for hypertension in individual human subjects.