Ioannis V Yannas, John F Burke, Philip L Gordon, Chor Huang: Multilayer membrane useful as synthetic skin. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, Martin M Santa, David E Brook, November 29, 1977: US04060081 (279 worldwide citation)

A multilayer membrane, which is useful as synthetic skin, is disclosed herein. A first layer is formed from a material which does not provoke an immune response and which is also insoluble and nondegradable in the presence of body fluids and/or body enzymes. Preferred materials for the first layer a ...

Ioannis V Yannas, Philip L Gordon, Chor Huang, Frederick H Silver, John F Burke: Crosslinked collagen-mucopolysaccharide composite materials. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, David E Brook, July 28, 1981: US04280954 (199 worldwide citation)

Composite materials are disclosed which are formed by contacting collagen with a mucopolysaccharide and subsequently covalently crosslinking the resultant polymer. These composite materials have a balance of mechanical, chemical and physiological properties which make them useful in surgical sutures ...