David E Borth, Ira A Gerson, Philip J Smanski, Richard J Vilmur: Automatic gain selector for a noise suppression system. Motorola, Douglas A Boehm, Donald B Southard, Charles L Warren, December 16, 1986: US04630305 (215 worldwide citation)

An automatic gain selector is disclosed for use with a noise suppression system which performs speech quality enhancement upon a noisy speech signal available at the input to generate a noise-suppressed speech signal at the output by spectral gain modification. The channel gain controller (240) of t ...

Richard A Kaman, Kenneth A Felix, Philip J Smanski, John R Haug: Method and apparatus for automatically attempting to seize a radio channel in a multichannel communication system. Motorola, Rolland R Hackbart, James W Gillman, August 23, 1983: US04400585 (58 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is disclosed for enabling a mobile radiotelephone to automatically attempt to seize a radio channel in a multichannel radio communication system. The mobile radiotelephone scans the radio channels for a non-busy radio channel and provides an indication signal when detecting a non-busy radi ...

Ira A Gerson, Brett L Lindsley, Philip J Smanski: Word recognition in a speech recognition system using data reduced word templates. Motorola, Robert J Crawford, January 10, 1989: US04797929 (32 worldwide citation)

Described herein, is an arrangement and method for processing speech information in a speech recognition system (300). In such a system where the speech information is depicted as words, each word representing a sequence of frames (510) and where the recognition system has means (120) for comparing ...

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