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A process for preparing an imaging member includes applying an organic layer to an imaging member substrate, treating the organic layer and/or a backside of the substrate with a corona discharge effluent, and applying an overcoating layer to the organic layer and/or an anticurl backing layer to the ...

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A process including providing a member having an exposed outer metal surface and propelling irregularly shaped solid carbon dioxide granules against the exposed outer metal surface with sufficient force to alter the texture of the outer metal surface to a predetermined surface roughness.

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An alloy treatment process is disclosed which comprises providing particles of an alloy comprising amorphous selenium and an alloying component selected from the group consisting of tellurium, arsenic, and mixtures thereof, the particles having an average particle size of at least about 300 micromet ...

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There is disclosed an electrostatographic imaging member comprising: (a) a substrate; (b) a charge blocking layer comprised of nickel hydroxide and nickel oxide, wherein the nickel hydroxide content is at least about 10% based on the number of the nickel hydroxide and the nickel oxide molecules; and ...

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An electrode structure comprising a tube of substantially electrically insulating material such as glass, having a rounded tip of substantially electrically insulating material such as rubber, which tip has a capillary opening therethrough, encloses a metallic cathode and liquid electrolyte, and tha ...

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A photoreceptor fabrication method involving a photoreceptor substrate having a metal surface, comprising etching the metal surface of the photoreceptor substrate with an etching solution and forming a metal oxide layer on the metal surface with the etching solution, wherein the etching of the metal ...

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A honing means produces sonic waves that suspend and propel a honing medium against a surface of a substrate. The honing medium impinges on the surface of the substrate and alters the substrate's surface roughness. The substrate and the honing means are positioned relative to each other to ensu ...

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An electrophotographic photoreceptor and method for forming a photoreceptor is disclosed which is provided with an anticorrosion layer on the interface between the supporting substrate surface and the undercoat layer. The photoreceptor has a high mechanical strength and minimizes defects in print fo ...

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A photoreceptor fabrication method composed of spraying a honing composition including particulate material against a substrate in a particulate material spray distribution containing only one peak in a graph of the number of particulate material versus distance along the spray area to create a pred ...

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There is disclosed a method for surface treating a substrate used in a photosensitive imaging member including: (a) impinging a honing composition comprised of particulate material against the substrate surface to create a surface roughness sufficient to substantially suppress formation of a pattern ...