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Disclosed is a modulation-demodulation system and method for transmitting a plurality of sequentially received information bit sequences, the system including a transmitter having a state machine for expanding by a coding process each information bit sequence into an expanded bit sequence with a cod ...

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An automatic gain control circuit having a coarse analog gain adjustment section producing discrete increments of db gain and a fine digital gain adjustment section. The digital section provides for adjustment of gain through a final increment of db gain to achieve precise gain setting. The output o ...

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A two-bus, two instruction type, pipelined microprocessor having a control means which orders application of instruction and data addresses to a memory and further interleaves instructions and data on a single bus to achieve maximum efficiency in operation.

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Circuitry for detecting and correcting false equilibrium conditions generated in data modems by sudden changes in gain of an associated transmission system including a false gain detector which detects a low rate of production of symbols of largest magnitude and triggers a final gain circuit which i ...

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An automatic adaptive equalizer operative on a test pattern including a carrier-only period, clock-only period and a single test impulse. The equalizer employs a transversal filter under control of a microprocessor. Samples of in-phase and quadrature phase components of the received impulse response ...

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A digital timing recovery circuit operative upon digital samples of the input signal to a data receiver provided at the sample rate to produce a clock correction signal at the symbol rate utilizing a digital periodic filter providing a double restrictive bandpass characteristic about the band edge f ...

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A circuit for maintaining proper sampling timing in a data modem wherein main channel equalizer error is correlated with a derivative channel signal to drive a clock correction signal. The derivative channel signal is derived from an equalizer using fewer coefficients than required to derive the mai ...

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A noninterruptive noise measurement technique wherein the absolute value of the amplitude error from a modem slicer is compared to a reference, the number of events in excess of said reference over a selected interval are counted and the range within which said count falls is determined as a particu ...