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A telecommunication cable in which pairs of twisted together conductors are spaced apart to minimize capacitance unbalance and cross-talk. A central core member may be provided with the conductor pairs extending around the core member which may have spokes to separate the conductor pairs. Alternativ ...

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A method of producing an insulated electrical conductor, in which a wire conductor is coated with an inner layer of heat resistant material and covered with electrostatically deposited powdered polymeric material which is fused by heat to form an outer layer of insulation. An insulated electrical co ...

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A core unit and method and apparatus for making it in which conductor pairs or units having a single direction of twist and in which angles of twist lay change along lengths of the conductor pairs. In a preferred and practical construction, the angles of twist lay of all pairs change along their len ...

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Changing relative positions of conductor pairs along a telecommunications cable core by passing the pairs as they approach a core unit forming means, in an array through a flow of air which causes relative sideways movement of the pairs and continual change in their positions. The array may be arcua ...

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An insulated electrical conductor comprising a core carrying an inner coating of heat resistant material and a uniform outer coating of fused polymeric material forming a smooth pin-hole free surface.