Pfiffner Harold J: High-speed sample and hold signal level comparator. Hughes Aircraft Company, February 29, 1972: US3646361 (38 worldwide citation)

A sample and hold comparator fabricated with emitter coupled logic using only one transistor-type, resistors, and interconnects and including a differential comparator and logic circuit for comparing an input signal V.sub.IN with a reference signal V.sub.REF in response to a short duration sample an ...

Pfiffner Harold J: Precision switching circuit for analog signals. Hughes Aircraft Company, June 19, 1973: US3740581 (32 worldwide citation)

A precision high-speed, low impedance switching circuit is disclosed which is suitable for use with video or other high frequency analog signals. A J-FET is used as the switching element but is controlled by means of a novel circuit which minimizes channel impedance modulation effects. The gate of t ...

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