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A sterilization case 1 having one or more brackets 10 which are designed to enhance the steam sterilization of a medical apparatus 30 being held in the bracket 10. The bracket 10 is designed to provide cutout areas 51 to create a gap or gaps 52 between the surface of the apparatus 30 being held and ...

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A sterilization tray has a smooth exterior, ruggedness, light weight, high thermal conductivity, comfortable gripping surfaces, stackability, and low cost construction. The tray is constructed of stamped and folded sheet metal, but in such a way as to provide rounded corners. A molded handle insert ...


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An implant sterilization tray includes an integral torquing fixture for holding an implant stationary. By incorporating the fixture into the instrument tray, a large, stable base is provided for holding the implant. The user can more readily hold the implant in a stable position with the implant res ...