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Shale oil is produced from a subterranean interval of oil shale, where the interval is initially substantially impermeable and contains a specified grade and thickness of oil shale. Said interval is conductively heated from borehole interiors which are kept hotter than about 600.degree. C. and are h ...

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Long intervals of subterranean earth formations are heated at high temperatures for long times with an electrical heater containing spoolable, steel sheathed, mineral insulated cables which have high electrical conductivities, enabling them to heat the earth formations at a substantially uniform rat ...

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An electrical resistance heater capable of generating heat at different rates at different locations along its length comprises a continuous and unitary electrical conductor having a thickness which is different at different locations along its length.

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A well heater is installed in a well by spooling electrical cable assemblies for heating and supplying power, in proper sequence, on at least one spooling means, unspooling them and attaching them to a heat- and tension-stable support means as the resulting assembly is drawn into the well by a weigh ...

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In treating a well, automatically controlled measurements of temperature with depth within a subterranean interval which can be longer than hundreds of feet, deeper than thousands of feet and hotter than 600.degree. C., are made by extending a slender measuring means conduit through the well and the ...

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Hot liquid-containing water-swollen tar is produced from a tar sand by injecting steam into a well, which is at least initially open and substantially free of obstruction to vertical fluid flow throughout a long vertical interval from the bottom of the tar sand, by producing said liquid from the bot ...

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An oil and water-containing subterranean reservoir can be heated in a manner capable of inducing an economically feasible production of oil from zones which were initially so impermeable as to be undesirably unproductive in response to injections of oil recovery fluids. Treatment zones of specified ...