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A compressible sealing gasket for supporting a cable in a wall opening contained in a housing wall includes a pair of gasket sections each having a planar surface that contains a recess, and at least one integral compressible sealing projection extending from the planar surface adjacent the recess. ...

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A terminal block assembly includes at each end a generally U-shaped support spring having leg portions that extend upwardly in straddling relation on opposite sides of the stationary resilient contacts at opposite ends of the bus bar, thereby to support the stationary contacts as insulated conductor ...

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An improved electrical connector is formed by stamping and bending a sheet of conductive metal, wherein as a preliminary step, a series of longitudinally-spaced openings are formed in the sheet to define a plurality of transversely extending strips from the side edges of which a pair of parallel spa ...

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A connector system includes a plurality of conductor piercing units supported by a frame for vertical displacement between upper disconnected and lower connected positions relative to a plurality of parallel spaced insulated conductors supported in a horizontal plane by a base plate. The piercing un ...

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A connector assembly for transmitting electrical energy through a wall opening, including a horizontal generally-rectangular first connector housing arranged on one side of the wall with a collar portion of the first housing extending through the wall opening. The collar portion contains a plurality ...

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A spring loaded direct plug-in terminal with a direct plug-in connector for the connection of a conductor includes a housing with a chamber and a plug-in channel for plugging the conductor into the chamber. The terminal also includes a busbar, a clamping spring arranged in the chamber and acting as ...