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A device for the homogenization of radiation, preferably light, using chirped microlens arrays (cMLA) from the established regular microlens arrays (rMLA), chirped microlens arrays are an arrangement of non-identical lenses in one array. Non-identical means that the lens parameters of the lenses of ...

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Aqueous two-component coating agents contain 7.5 to 25 wt. % of at least one epoxide resin in the form of a dispersion, with respect to the resin solids, 1.5 to 15 wt. % of at least one water-miscible polyamine, 2 to 15 wt. % of at least one chlorinated polyolefin with a degree of chlorination of 15 ...

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An aqueous coating agent on the basis of one or more polyols having ionic groups or groups convertible into ionic groups, which can contain pigments, fillers and/or optional conventional lacquer adjuvants and/or solvents, comprising


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A conveying apparatus with a first conveyor and a second conveyor is used a the welding apparatus and a welding method for container bodies and in particular can bodies between which conveyors the object to be welded is handed over. A control unit determines the take over position and/or the conveyi ...

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A micro-optical beam deflection system, operable to be moved between discrete states with a pair of micro-optical lens grids arranged behind each other in the path of rays, and which can be mutually displaced transverse to the direction of beams, in which the lens grids are arranged substantially in ...


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A projection display with an imaging system is described, which is implemented to generate individual images in a distribution, such as a two-dimensional distribution, of sub-areas of an imaging plane of the imaging system, and a multi-channel optics that is configured to map one allocated individua ...

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An apparatus positions sheets preferably moving in a combination folding machine and defines a trailing edge range. A trailing edge of the sheet is to be positioned in a transport direction, depending on the dimensions of the sheet. The apparatus has positioning devices, by which the trailing edge c ...

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A can body made of a sheet metal blank has a tear strip extending between opposite ends of the blank and into a tongue extending from one blank edge. An overlapping portion at overlapping ends of the blank is completely welded, and the tongue width is greater than the strip width to assure tendency ...